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Co-Founder and Coach

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JoJo was first introduced to CrossFit in Poland, her home country, where she began her competition training. JoJo placed 6th in the CrossFit Championships in Poland in 2012, and over the next two years competed in 12 different CrossFit competitions across the world, and of course securing 1st place in Poland in 2013 and 2014! While training competitively, JoJo completed her physiotherapy degree, as well as qualifications as a Crossfit Level 2 coach, and specialist coaching courses including CrossFit gymnastics, kettlebell workshops, orthopedic medicine, and olympic weightlifting. JoJo has spent over a decade coaching sports, including 6 years coaching and managing CrossFit Krakow in Poland. She opened CrossFit Thao Dien in 2017 and aims to spread her infectious love of CrossFit, and creative programming to always challenge her clients, as well as ensuring that they understand their own bodies and how to develop their technique and skill set to reach their fitness goals.

Matt is a lifelong fitness enthusiast who discovered his passion for weight training at just 13 years old. Growing up, he immersed himself in various sports, building a solid foundation in athleticism.As a personal trainer in his 20s, Matt's dedication to his clients led him to embrace functional movements and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), recognizing their transformative impact on overall fitness. Matt has been coaching CrossFit in multiple countries and working with individuals from around the world.As a coach, Matt leads by example, embodying the qualities he instills in his clients. His mission is to help individuals unlock their true potential, guiding them on a path of personal growth and self-discovery. Matt's unwavering dedication will help you push boundaries, conquer obstacles, and reveal the greatness within you.

CrossFit Coach


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CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Thao Dien Coach Magda Gym Vietn

Magda was first introduced to CrossFit back in Poland in 2012, her home country. She competed in many sports from a young age like swimming, running, fencing and professional horse riding, in which she completed her national trainer course. While studying physiotherapy at University she discovered CrossFit and moved to another city to dedicate herself to coaching and working in one of the first CrossFit gyms in Poland. Magda has spent over 8 years developing her skills and knowledge in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, medical training, kettlebells, mobility and stretching, powerlifting, woman strength training, post- and pre-partum training and olympic weightlifting. Her classes are full of motivation and passion. The most important part in coaching for her is to give people energy and knowledge about how important is taking care of yourself. 

With a long background in competitive rowing and cycling, but with very few medals to show for all his sweat and mileage, Will was reluctantly dragged to CrossFit one-day by his wife. Despite his love for outdoors sports, he was immediately impressed by the variation, the emphasis on coaching movements, and the friendships found in puddles of sweat on the floor in a CrossFit gym. Having coached softball, rowing and cycling in the UK, including leading the ODI Unicorns to 2014 'best newcomer' and three consecutive playoff appearances, he now brings his enthusiasm for team sports to CrossFit Thao Dien. Will's passion is making sport and exercise fun, sociable and enjoyable and ensuring you'll want to come back for more training!


Co-Founder and Coach

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CrossFit Coach

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 Originally from The Netherlands, Max has discovered CrossFit and devoted himself to it until today. He has competed, taken part in seminars and workshops making him all-round athlete whether it comes to kettlebells, weightlifting, gymnastics or mobility. His biggest passion is gymnastics and weightlifting and he has been sharing his knowledge and experience in this area for years.  He absolutely loves to teach, and is the most supportive and endlessly positive coach anyone could hope for. He truly cares about everyone enjoying whatever fitness journey they are on.

Sophie’s CrossFit journey began in January 2014 when she needed to get fit quick for her new job. After not really taking part in any intense exercise since her high school netballing days, a friend recommended she give CrossFit a try... One trial session unexpectedly opened the door to life changing experience for her and 5 years later she has a much healthier body and mind thanks to CrossFit. After years of training and taking part in competitions she made the decision to undertake her level 1 coaching qualification so she can share her passion and love for CrossFit and help as many people as possible achieve that strong body and strong mind too.


CrossFit Coach

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CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Thao Dien Tony

Tony started his CrossFit journey more than 10 years ago in Germany. He  was thrilled when he first saw how CrossFit athletes move and thought this would be a fun sport to do! Tony likes to push himself to the limit and CrossFit is exactly the training type to do that. He loves the welcoming community and everyone working together to complete the WOD. That's what CrossFit is all about for him.
'When I came to Saigon I joined CF Thao Dien and it has been haven and sanctuary for me. I am proud to be a member of this community and I am looking forward to share my experiences with many others who are maybe looking for something similar like I did.'


CrossFit Thao Dien has helped to change my life and turn my health around. Having not done exercise in years, I started CrossFit. Over 5 months I've lost 12kg, got stronger, but more importantly I've rediscovered my love for health & fitness. The amazing trainers teach the technique, and help you push yourself to achieve your best. I'm always learning and always getting better. I love that I've made new friends through CrossFit, it's a great community! It’s the same every time I visit… sweat, laugh, sweat, repeat.

- Vickie

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