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Take 3 months to save 15%*    Take 6 months to save 25% and more**

* Includes open gym access ** Includes membership pauses of up to 30 days, 50% of specialist workshops and open gym access

Plans valid from 01.03.2024. All memberships are paid in full in advance. Full Terms and Conditions here

crossfit thao dien ho chi minh city saigon district 2


Do you take part in other sports?

1-2 months 3,200,000

3-5 months 2,700,000

6 months+ 2,400,000

Prices in VND per month

To complement other fitness programmes, take 9 CrossFit classes per month and train 2 times a week. Every class is a 1 hour high-intensity fitness program. Every class is different so you won't get bored!

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Are you becoming a CrossFitter?

1-2 months 3,950,000

3-5 months 3,350,000

6 months+ 2,950,000

Prices in VND per month

This is what we recommend to most people. Take 13 CrossFit classes per month to see rapid changes in your skills, strength, stamina, fitness and wellbeing. We know you will want to come back for  more!

crossfit thao dien saigon district 2 ho chi minh city hcmc crossfit


Are you a CrossFitter?

1-2 months 4,600,000

3-5 months 3,950,000

6 months+ 3,475,000

Prices in VND per month

For athletes who can't get enough, with this package you can have unlimited classes during the month

 Not sure where to start? Chat to us about the best on-ramp series in the city!

Five fully customized 1-1 sessions to start your CrossFit journey


Visiting from abroad? 500.000 VND per class. 

Please send a booking message using the DROP INS page

Unpredictable work? Loads of other sport in your life? Too many holidays? If monthly packages don't work for you, grab a 10 class bundle, usable anytime within 4 months for 3,800,000VND.

A term pass of Kids CrossFit classes costs 3,500,000VND*
Drop in for Kids class costs 350,000VND*

*Please check schedule for classes currently offered

crossfit hcmc ho chi minh city saigon district 2 gym sport fitness class

"What do I need to bring with me?"


- Sports clothes

- Trainers

- Water bottle

- Towel if you want a shower

- An open mind and "can do" attitude to try something new!

"I have never done CrossFit before, does it matter? I feel nervous!"


CrossFit is for everyone. Everyone is new at some point. So, no it does not matter! No need for nerves! Just excitement! Over 90% of members join us having never done CrossFit before! Come try it for yourself... the hardest thing is to convince yourself to walk through our front door!

"I am very unfit. Is this suitable for me?"


Totally! There is no better place to start to see results! CrossFit programming is designed to cater for everyone. No joke... the big CorssFit boxes in America have 80+ year olds, mums and toddlers etc! A CrossFit class is a diverse team.

Still undecided? Check out some great articles and videos from CrossFit Journal on getting started for more information!

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