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Membership Terms & Conditions

Updated: Jul 12

We are super excited that you are joining our fitness community and want to support you in being fit-phoever! We believe that there should never be any surprises about how to get the best from a membership with us. So here's the fine print! Pretty simple we hope!

We allow a 14-day money back guarantee of any unused classes for NEW members only.

Monthly memberships

  • Discounts are available for longer memberships; Save 15% with 3-5 month memberships. Save 25% AND get a pause of up to 30 days AND get 50% of workshops with 6 months+ memberships.

  • If members use all their classes before their month ends and still want to train before their next month starts, they have two options: upgrade to a different membership (paying the difference between their current and upgraded membership for that month in the same discount bracket as the existing membership), or add single classes at a special member-only rate of 350,000VND.

  • Unused classes do not ‘roll-over’ from one month to the next. So use them all up within your month!

10 class bundles

  • The 10 class bundle has an expiry date of 4 months for adults, and 3 months for kids.

All memberships

  • Payment is in advance and in full.

  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. We offer free-trial classes and a 14 day money back guarantee of unused classes to allow new members to decide if CrossFit is for them.

  • Members will be given access to Octiv, our membership management software and App. Octiv contains the official record of the membership - the dates, the classes, the package that was bought. For help on how to use it and FAQs, click here.

  • Memberships should be renewed in a timely manner, at least a week in advance of them expiring is advised, in order to keep the Octiv account active so that you can book into classes. Once the membership expires, you cannot book classes.

  • Failure to cancel at least 2 hours before the class would still count towards your attendance and you would lose this class from your allowance. Remember that we may train as individuals but we workout as a community, so if your plans change always cancel your class as early as possible to allow your teammates to train.

  • Private intro & on ramp sessions as well as personal training sessions need to be cancelled at least 24 hours before the session. Late cancellations and no shows will count towards your attendance.

  • If you are are not booked in the class or arrive late you might not be allowed to join.

  • All members have access to Open Gym, but we only recommend this for experienced athletes that know how to move safely, as the session is not coached. This counts as a class from your package.

  • Should there be a government enforced closure of gyms in HCMC, all monthly members are automatically converted onto our superb online and team-based training programme. Monthly memberships are not paused / refunded.

Also on Sale

Aside from your CrossFit classes, you can also get a few additional goods and services from us. Don't hesitate to ask about personal training with our coaches or specialist workshops that they run. Or for more information about the things we sell; nutritional products, CrossFit Thao Dien t-shirts and vests, and high quality training accessories, such as swiss balls, foam rollers, jump ropes and rehab bands.

Thank you again for choosing to join us at CrossFit Thao Dien and we look forward to welcoming you into our fitness community!

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