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CrossFit: What's the Difference?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Dani, CrossFit member and author of this blog post

No matter what your motivation, we all know that exercising is an important part of a modern lifestyle. But understanding all the different types and names of exercises can be totally confusing and definitely left me unsure of which exercise regime was the best for me! So… I tried lots of different types of exercise I could find in London (UK) and HCMC (Vietnam) over the last five years, talked to fitness professionals, read some articles and now aim to share my opinions on, “what’s the difference?”

Please note that I experimented with these different types of exercise for varying lengths of time, and so this is only based on my experiences of these exercises, and the personal opinions derived from these experiences.

CrossFit: What's the Difference?

These comparisons certainly don’t show “hard facts” of what each type of exercise definitely involves, and ultimately I found that a highly personable and expert coach made the experience of any of these types of exercise super motivating and highly rewarding... but expert coaches that were great at what they do were certainly hard to find!

After five years of experimenting, I have only continued with one type of exercise from this list… CrossFit. My main reasons?

· I like that CrossFit combines elements of so many of the other types of exercises… It’s the best bits of the other types of exercises combined.
· I like the team element combined with friendly competition.
· I like that every class is different, yet challenging.
· And I like that I have left every CrossFit box (no matter where it is in the world) feeling like I really did do some serious exercise!

It ticks all the boxes that matter to me! It might for you too, so come to a free trial class to find out!

By Dani

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