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At CrossFit Thao Dien our mission is to support and inspire you to be Fit Pho ever (aka "Fit Forever" with a Vietnamese twist!)

Our members have very diverse motivations for joining our gym. Maybe they want to lose weight loss, gain strength, make friends… but how awesome would it be if you not only met your fitness goals, but had also created habits that keep you fit and mobile into your 80’s and 90’s? That is our vision for you... to be FIT PHO EVER!

We are here to help you meet your current goals, as well as improving both your short term and long-term health. Whether you are a member of our gym for months or years, we are committed to making it easier for you to blast your way to meeting your goals and create a lifestyle that keeps you fit for the rest of your lifeand have fun whilst doing it!

People typically give up on exercise and sport for three reasons: injury limiting their ability to take part or enjoy it; boredom from a lack of fun and variety; and a lack of results for the amount of effort they feel they are putting in. At Crossfit Thao Dien, we deliver a bespoke training plan which is INCLUSIVE – absolutely ANYBODY can join in and workouts can be modified to suit anyone’s ability, CONSTANTLY VARIED – we incorporate many different types of exercise with a different workout each day including cardio, gymnastics and weights to name but a few, and MEASURABLE – some scores are recorded and re-tested to make sure you’re getting the results you deserve.

We want to foster in all our members a love and enjoyment of physical activity. We do this by creating a positive and supportive atmosphere in our gym, and making your time with us the best hour of your day. We help you connect with other members both inside and outside the gym to build a network or peers to not only have fun with but to hold you accountable too! We hope you realise that wherever life takes you can find similarly supportive fitness professionals and communities and that will keep you inspired and engaged in working out.

We want you to avoid injury and learn how to overcome it should you already have some from the past. Aside from the short-term pain and limits to movement, injuries dent confidence and motivation, and they are not fun. In our classes we place a massive emphasis on warming up joints and muscles, not just the cardio vascular system. We continually work on improving range of motion and helping clients overcome specific limitations they have previously developed. You will learn how to prevent, and rehabilitate injuries, and be empowered to push through any future issues that come your way.

Of course, we know you want to see results from your hard work. CrossFit is based on a proven and holistic methodology, with a clearly defined concept of fitness. We are constantly evaluating the results of our training programme against this definition, and adjusting them to meet the needs of our members and their goals. No other holistic fitness programme is this effective. But we won’t cut corners for the sake of short-term gains and we won’t let you do that either. We believe that if we can show you results from your hard work, maximise the fun and enjoyment, and eliminate the chances of injury, you will become a life-long lover of sport and fitness. If you move well, consistently, with a smile on your face and the knowledge that you can do it, wherever, whenever, we know that you will be Fit Forever. Which is why, with a Vietnamese twist, our motto is FIT PHO EVER!

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