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Getting the most from Octiv

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Octiv is your membership management software. Download the app and login using the instructions emailed to you when you joined the CrossFit Thao Dien community (check your junk mail if you can't see it! Or you can search "Octiv Boxchamp" in your App store)

Octiv allows you to:

- Easily see the schedule and book yourself into classes

- Manage your memberships and monthly classes yourself so you use up all of your training opportunities

- Enter and track your scores and weights to help you see your progress, which helps keep motivation high to keep up good training habits

- Help your coaches track your attendance and progress too so that they can get to know you and support you even better

To get the most from Octiv watch the short video clip. Also see the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page if you have any queries.


1. I've bought multiple months of membership, but can't book classes.

Classes have to be used within a month from when the membership started. Memberships start from whatever date you bought a membership. For example, if you bought Silver membership (12 classes) on 11th September, you would have between 11th September and 10th October to use all 12 classes. On 11th October the new package starts with 12 classes again to use within this next month, i.e. between the 11th October and 10th November. On the date the new package starts, it becomes active at around 1200 midday, so you can book classes any time after this. Unfortunately, the system won’t let you book classes in your next package before it starts – if this is ever a problem and you need to book a few days ahead, just message us.

2. I've used up all my classes, but want to come to more classes before my next package starts.

No problem! You just need to send us a message and we can top up your account to the next level of membership, or add-on individual classes at the members-only rate of 340,000VND (the same price per class as for members on our 10-class bundles). Obviously it's easiest for you if you are on the right type of membership that works best for you in the first place! See the membership page for guidance, drop us a message or come and talk to us if you want an honest opinion!

3. I've got Silver membership (12 classes), only used 3 classes, but Octiv shows I only have 6 left!

This is because you have come to 3 classes, and booked into another 3 for the future, so Octiv has counted that you have booked/used 6 classes, and so have 6 left available. Remember that we may train as individuals but we workout as a community, so if your plans change always cancel your class as early as possible to allow your teammates to train. Failure to cancel at least 2 hours before the class would still count towards your attendance and you would lose this class from your allowance.

4. I forgot my login, how do I reset the password?

Click the "forgot password?" button on the login page. You will get an automated email sent to the email address you gave us when you took out a membership. Check your junk mail if you don't see it!

5. The App isn't working

Ensure you allow the app to update itself, or prompt it to do so. Like all apps, the software developers are always working hard behind the scenes to continue to improve the App, so make sure you're on the most up-to-date version. If you are still having issues, book in through our website.

6. Other questions?

Just fill in the contact us form, or send us an email or Facebook message and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can

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