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Intro Month 1:1 Series

Updated: Apr 19

We know that you want to start working hard, now. That’s why you joined CrossFit Thao Dien!

CrossFit is all about intensity - this is what drives results and gets you what you want. Moving heavy things, a lot of times, fast - this is what you came for and what is going to get you fitter. We know you want to do it in a class and enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie. So why an intro 1:1 series?

Until you can move safely and consistently, we can’t let you push the red button as soon as your first workout with us starts! In all our classes we teach and learn movements together, preparing the body for working hard. Although the classes are small, usually a max of 10 or 12, and you will get plenty of attention, your learning curve in the first month is steep. Our motto is ‘fit pho ever’ (fit for ever, with a Saigon twist, get it?!) - we are focused on your long term physical fitness and love for and enjoyment of moving and being active. We know from our professional experience that you will get more from our classes in the medium term with a quick 1:1 boost in the short-term. We are not interested in short cuts on day one and we won’t apologise.

Each of the four 1:1 sessions will include some teaching and some skill work, as well as a workout so you still leave sweating and breathless. During the three sessions you will learn some fundamental barbell and gymnastic movements, as well as tackling the most complex things we do - the olympic lifts. Working 1:1 for just four hours means you get more attention and can get more done than you can in a group class. It also allows our coaches to get to know you better, so that once you start in the group classes, all our staff know what to expect from you - when to push you, and when to watch out for you.

The intro 1:1 series is 4 one-on-one sessions with an expert coach, combined with 4 classes, in your first month, and is available for the amazing price of 3.200.000 VND. This represents a 35% saving off the value of these services! Why do we offer this? Because we know that once you go through these 1:1s and complete your first month with us, you will love it, and be a member for life, and that is what we as your coaches want most.

Even if you have a lot of gym experience, including functional training, and working with barbells, this 1:1 series is the best pick before you dive into our group classes and the more you know, the further our coaches can test and teach you. You won’t get 1:1 attention for such a bargain ever again!

Do I have to do it?

Yes, you absolutely should!

Even if…

… yes.

Oh Ok, so remind how it works?

When you join, you get four 1:1 sessions at the start of your 1st month which you must complete, as well as joining in 4 group classes.

Is there a pass or fail?

Nope. It's not that scary! But our coaches will evaluate you, give feedback to all the other staff, and maybe give you some homework to do before or after other classes. During the classes our coaches will go through our “passport” with you and ensure you complete level 1 by the end of 4th 1:1.

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