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3 Reasons Why We Love Coach Trang at the CrossFit Games 2019

There are absolutely no words to express how proud we are that our very own coach Trang Nguyen has made history by being the first Vietnamese national to compete in the CrossFit Games USA Women's Event. This is SO important for 3 reasons...

1. One of the (many) amazing features of CrossFit as a method is that it offers challenges to everyone. No matter where you are in the fitness journey, there is a carrot dangling in front of you, to keep you inspired, engaged and honest with yourself. This is so important in the fitness industry where SO many people give in because of boredom or not seeing results.

2. You need a can do attitude in life, and CrossFit can sometimes be the spark to show people that. CrossFit is so good for this - yes you can go upside down, yes you can lift that, yes you can complete that run... yes you can represent your country at the world's greatest test of fitness. Give stuff a go, you might end up somewhere amazing.

3. Trang is an amazing person, who gives so much time, energy and love for everyone she meets. If even 10% of what she gives us gets sent back her way she will be flooded with good messages.

Watch her at the CrossFit Games Women's Event 1 Heat 1 here:

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