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First month of Crossfit

Word of mouth has been spreading the good news that this amazing new gym with awesome group fitness classes is open in Thao Dien. We get a lot of people asking "what it is like?" Well, the best way to find out is to come and join in and see! For those of you who've just signed up, we thought we’d let you know what to expect in your first month of Crossfit… The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY (to quote the famous English phase!)...



CrossFit Thao Dien isn’t just your average gym… we’re more like a club or a team. We put on social events to connect members and make friends for life. Keep an eye out for our social events on Facebook and come and join in!


As of 2019, there are over 15,000 CrossFit gyms in over 150 countries. Once you’ve got some experience under your belt at one Crossfit “box”, you will be welcome to work out at any one across the globe. That means that wherever you go you can get fit and make friends whilst staying fit and healthy!


-The awesome rush of endorphins (happy hormones) and pride when you finish the tough workout

-Poppin’ quads, abs and biceps and a perky, peachy booty

-Super quick improvements in strength, endurance and all-round fitness

-Injury rehabilitation and injury prevention as mobility and body awareness rapidly improves

-Eating ALL the food and feeling less guilty because you work out hard!

THE BAD (Which isn't so bad, we promise)

Sore muscles

It is natural to feel muscle tenderness after some workouts, especially if you are new to these movements, or haven't trained for a while – but don’t worry, it just means the training is working and you’re making those GAINZ! It might take 24 hours to take effect - and this type of soreness even has its own acronym - DOMs - delayed onset muscle soreness. It is a result of the natural recovery of muscles from your effort, and means that you have actually used them! Well done! The best cure is further movement (increasing blood flow) - so don't delay coming back to the gym! Definately don't sit at a desk immobile for the next 48 hours!


Why are these people making so much noise? Grunting? Saying names? What do those acronyms mean? SDHP, HSPU, BJ’s?! What on earth is that movement they’re doing? DON’T WORRY – with our highly qualified team of coaches and experienced members showing you the ropes, you’ll work it out in no time! Just keep going and it all becomes clear!


The coaches will encourage you to push yourself hard to reach your full potential and get the most out of the training sessions! We time our workouts and record scores so we can measure the quick improvements we make… But this means things might get pretty intense during your time in the gym – you’re likely to feel breathless, your muscles will feel fatigued and you might feel a little uncomfortable. But you can trust that you’re in safe hands and this is all part of the process to a fitter, stronger, and healthier mind and body!

The Ladies

We have some infamous ladies in our gym - Fran, Diane and the rest of the girls… These are the names of some of the “benchmark” workouts which are not only completed in our gym but in all the Crossfit gyms all over the world on a fairly regular basis to measure progress! There is no better feeling than knocking a minute or two off your workout time and seeing an all round improvement in your fitness!

FUN FACT: Crossfit Founder Greg Glassman gave these original workouts female names similar to how the US National Weather Service names storms because he felt the workouts were so tough they left athletes feeling as though a storm had hit them!


We’ll just put these here…

Your first month at Crossfit will be like nothing you’ve never experienced, in the best possible way! As said by one of our members, "It's a life changing fitness journey."
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