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Try our way to the most efficient home workouts!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Introducing you to Personalized Coaching - CrossFit Thao Dien's flagship product during gym closures. Try high value online content which is delivered to you by your very own CrossFit coach and see the video below to to find out a few out of many, many reasons why our members choose this product!

Goals oriented and fully personalized sessions available a few clicks away by completing the survey. Survey link here

So.... What is it? CrossFit Thao Dien coaching team is committed to help you improve your fitness and well-being from wherever you are during the gym closures. While being locked at home during social distancing might seem difficult on many levels it is also a great opportunity for you to get more attention as an individual. We always aim to keep you active and healthy, the fact that gyms are closed does not change our mission a bit! By enrolling to personalized coaching you will get diverse and challenging workouts, expert coaching and feedback, will be held accountable to ensure you actually train, and it will be fun - everything is 100% tailored to you and your current situation.

How does it work? Depending on your membership level you will receive 2 (bronze), 3 (silver) or 4 (gold) customised workouts per week. These are sent online with video/voice commentary and instructions fully tailored to your training objectives. Each workout consists of dedicated warm up, skill/movement practice and the actual workout of the day. Just like in a class! Your result and feedback from every session is expected to further personalize the experience and work efficiently towards the goals. Our personalized coaching is an online equivalent to your gym membership. Your benefits:

  • undivided attention, personal approach and accountability.

  • free equipment rental from the gym.

  • gains ;)

Why do we do it? We strongly believe that the personalized coaching offer can bring the best for you. You can work on your goals or weaknesses at home or home gym and see the real results of keeping the training routine. For the business, and our staff, closing operations completely is not a viable option. Have questions? If you happen to have questions before enrolling to the personalized coaching programme drop us in email at .

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